Biggest Name in Web Design takes over Franklin TN

There’s a somewhat small town in the state of Tennessee that’s called Franklin. If you haven’t heard of Franklin, TN, they’re known as the number one small town in Tennessee. They’re also very well known for being one of the more beautiful and affluent areas outside of Nashville.

Although Franklin may be somewhat small, there is definitely no shortage of commerce in the area. In fact outside of Nashville, Franklin is easily becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Tennessee!

With that being said, we took a look into the web design scene in the area and found a great company that simply goes by Web Design Franklin TN. It’s owned and run by a guy named Erick who is local to the area and has been doing very well getting himself promoted as one of the top web designers in the area. After a little research it didn’t take us long to figure out that Erick and his team of awesome web designers really know their stuff!

We found out that last year Erick was recognized as being among the top 5% of advertisers in the country. We also saw that he had been featured on as well as several other online publications. It was easy to see that we weren’t just talking to some local hillbilly. Erick and his guys are real professionals in the industry!

Taking Over the Web Design Market

In talking to Erick about his web design company we found out that the strategy he has been following involves using a lot of search engine optimization in order to take over markets and build a brand. He said it can be difficult and time consuming to take over a very large market (such as Nashville) which is why the company often targets smaller suburbs that can be easily taken over.

When we asked Erick for a couple samples of the websites that they had worked on, He showed us an Omaha painting contractor as well as a local Franklin landscaper. Both websites show high quality work and attention to detail. We asked him also to show us some samples of the SEO work that he’s done, but for the sake of confidentiality we will not be revealing that information here.

Erick was generous enough to tell us more about how a web design company can go about taking over a small market place and become the dominant player in the industry. He said it’s a technique he also sometimes uses in his SEO efforts. Here are the steps he takes:

The first thing to do is identify a small market. It’s important that the area isn’t too small to where there isn’t any search volume on Google. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find out what phrases are being searched in Google. There are other online tools available as well, but Google is usually the best resource to find out traffic volume. So find a small city and check to see if people are searching for your services in that city.

The Keyword Planner is a tool that will give you a general idea of search volume. It should not be relied on to give you exact figures. If it says that there are 10 searches a month for a search phrase, that means on an average month in a year there are more than 5 searches conducted for that month, but less than 15. It does not mean that every month there will be searches conducted for that phrase. In fact, if you consult the keyword planner for a phrase like “Christmas lights in Franklin” you’ll see it still gives you an average search volume of 10 searches a month, but it is easy to see that most of these searches are really only happening around the end of the year.

After you’ve found a small area that has search traffic for your product or service, you can implement those keywords in your website so that you can rank easily for them. You can see on Erick’s website that they use a lot of phrases like “web design company” to help them rank better in Google.

Working with Contractors

Franklin Web Design likes to do a lot of work with contractors. According to Erick it’s a great market because contractors are almost always looking for work and he knows a lot about the industry. In particular, Franklin Web Design works with a lot of painters, landscapers, roofers, plumbers, flooring contractors and more. They even help with YouTube and video SEO as you’ll see in the video below:

These guys are even building a campaign that will general leads for painters by getting their own websites to rank highly in Google and then selling the leads that come through. You can see one of these painting websites here. The idea is to use call tracking numbers to monitor the leads that go through and thus being able to track how many leads a person is getting and charging them for the leads. This of course differs from the model put out by Thumbtack or Home Advisor because it will remain exclusive to a single painting company.

Summary on Web Design Franklin TN

Without a doubt these guys are going to take over the market in Franklin. They certainly show the know-how and have the push-through to pull off a task like this. Their design work shows a very high level of expertise in their trade, and their SEO work is phenomenal. While most SEO companies and web designers are promising the world, these guys are proving all over the place that they can actually get the job done right. We appreciate their time and their willingness to speak to us about the scene in Franklin, and we’d like to invite them back for a follow-up in the future!

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